Mapping Data Leadership Summit Network Connections...Today

One of the primary motivations for Charles and myself in organizing the Data Leadership Summit is to build a strong network of regional data leaders that can fuel greater innovation. With the help of Marc Smith, we've been working behind the scenes over the past month to understand the shape of the network, so we could analyze that shape to discover opportunities to build new bridges through the Summit and beyond.

Our data set is the 55 responses to the online survey, which enabled us to understand who is connected to who in the network, and what expertise areas we have within the network. The data also identifies the expertise areas Summit attendees seek in their peers.

This is the first of a few coming post showing the network maps we have built out of the survey data set. Due to the sensitivity of broadcasting actual relationships, we will only publicly disclose maps with no name attributions. We can draw some interesting conclusions about the network without even getting into names (although aren't you curious to know which one is you on the map?)

Pre Data Leadership Summit network connections map

Essentially, there are three giant clusters of connectivity in our network, with many sub clusters. Seven individuals (see the biggest circles) have a high degree of betweenness centrality, meaning they connect to lots of people, and have a significant amount of influence on the network. This group of influential members can play a pivotal role in building connections in the network, particularly within their cluster of influence. On the other hand, we have significant number of nodes with only one or two connections into the network. This provides a major opportunity for us as organizers to build their connections, moving them further to the center of the clusters. Lastly, while there are connections across the blue, black and green clusters, our role will be to increase the cross pollination of those clusters.

Let us know what this network map reveals to you, and reflections on using network maps as a way to build greater connections at events.  More maps tomorrow...

Adam Lerner

Adam is the Founder of Solvable where he works with broadminded leaders from industries caught in tornadoes of sweeping change. Prior to Solvable, Adam spent nearly a decade in design and brand consultancies across the US and Canada – Kaldor, Cause+Affect, M3 Design, frog – as a strategic planner providing research, brand, and technology insights. With a career that began in New York not-for-profits–the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Eyebeam and US Fund for UNICEF–Adam has direct experience in member-driven organizations. Adam has an MBA from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.